Do Wireless Earbuds Harm Your Brain?

Do Wireless Earbuds Harm Your Brain?



There is no doubt that wireless earbuds or hands-free are one of the greatest new inventions as you can live your life normally without worrying about getting tangled with the wires of the headsets. But do you know that wireless may harm your brain?! Anyway, continue reading to find the real answer according to some medical experts.


A new video on TikTok went viral claiming that using AirPods is very dangerous to your brain as they cook your brain after sitting inside your skull because of their radiation. Furthermore, some other videos speaking about the same thing have also made the rounds on the platforms of social media alleging that some health problems like fatigue, memory loss, and cancer can be caused by wireless earbuds!


However, these videos have been removed by a few social media platforms claiming that they spread misleading information medically. But are these claims true? And can wireless earbuds increase the risk of having brain cancer?


In fact, there is no definite answer for that, but some medical experts like Dr. Naveed Wagle say that wireless earbuds are not the only cause of that. Being invented newly means that many doctors and scientists are still doing their research to know if wireless earbuds can really contribute to getting brain cancer.


Till now, there is no scientific evidence that wireless earbuds have any link to cancer or other diseases, according to US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). But they are still making studies to know the full truth.



Health problems from wireless earbuds

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association says by its Associate Director of Audiology Practices, Bria Collins who is also a licensed audiologist, CCC-A, and Au.D, that wireless earbuds can cause many health problems along with brain cancer.

Do Wireless Earbuds Harm Your Brain

Do Wireless Earbuds Harm Your Brain

These are some problems that have been raised recently among people who use wireless earbuds:



You can get occasionally sores and feel discomfort in the opening of your ear if the wireless earbuds don’t properly fit your ears, or if you put them on too much.



Wearing earbuds constantly makes your ear canals full of germs that grow in an environment that is moist and warm. This may cause ear infections. Make sure not to give your earbuds to people, or take them.


Wax obstruction

Depending on the size and shape of your ear canals, and the type of wireless earbuds, having earwax can be a problem! Your hearing can be reduced, and your ear can be occluded by the earwax buildup! Earwax buildup can happen by pushing the ear tip too deep in the canal or inserting the tip into your ears repeatedly.



Bria Collins says that using earbuds increases the risk of a continual ringing in the ears, or tinnitus.


Hearing loss

The eardrum is at the risk from the loud sound of the earbuds, which can cause hearing loss over time, according to Collins.



What is the solution?

The easy solution is to take off the earbuds regularly when you do not need them.


A continual loop of noise exposure can be caused by using the earbuds for so long. Collins also adds that she knows many people who may volume up the sound if there is other activity or noise in their environment.


Dr. Wagle and Bria Collins say that they are confident of the earbuds’ safety by keeping using them in moderation just like they do. Collins also adds that the best way to use the earbuds is the official recommended way, which is the “60/60 rule”. This means not to use the wireless earbuds for more than sixty mins, with 60% volume.



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