Do You Have What It Takes To Solve This Difficult Puzzle?

We’re back with some other puzzle! Are you equipped to grind the gears to your thoughts? This puzzle can’t be solved unless you’ve got an IQ of 148 or higher! Don’t fear, in case you’re stumped before everything, we are able to be giving recommendations for folks who are caught.

We received’t supply them proper away, we want you to consider it first.

What could pass in place with the question mark? remark down below together with your answers.


Here is a hint: you need to add numbers to be able to get to the quit of the puzzle.

The question is, which numbers and the way do you realize which to add? keep wondering, examine in between the lines. when you determine out the answer, it’ll all make feel. There are six numbers that cause six answers. there’s additionally a sample hidden in among the traces.

Do you see it? Tag a friend and spot if they’ll be able to solution it, or maybe you may use two brains to get to the solution.

Some other hint is that there is a ghost leg, which means you ought to trace the traces that hook up with every different.

If you can’t get the solution for your own, we are able to provide two of the answers so that you can discern out the query mark.

the line that crosses via the number one suggests what you want to add. each wide variety in reality ends in the correlating one on the bottom. the primary line is 1, then 2, and the bottom line is 4, which adds up to 7. If it does not make feel, we will show you the answer with a visible representation.


Does it make more sense now? The answer is 17! If you got it, good job!