‘Do You Want Me To Be Your Daddy???!’: Little Boy’s Heartbreaking Answer Brings Drill Instructor To Tears

I’m not a guy that gets all misty or cries easily. But certain scenes get me every time — the scene where Bruce Willis sacrifices himself to save his daughter and the planet in Armageddon. When Forrest Gump met his son for the first time, and most of Schindler’s List are just a few of the moments that make my eyes “malfunction” every time. However, there are very few moments on daytime talk shows that really have that kind of effect on me. If anything, those shows have the exact opposite effect on my emotional state as I often find myself laughing at the absurdity of some of their topics and guests. However, one moment from the Jenny Jones Show, which ran from 1991 to 2003, seems to hit the cry button in my heart every time! It was a 1998 episode in which Jenny had a bunch of delinquent kids whose parents wanted to try and “scare” them straight by enlisting the help of professional juvenile “drill instructors.” For the next hour, these grown men would shout and yell in the kid’s faces, breaking them down in tears. Now usually, I don’t really care for shows like that, but there was a moment when one drill instructor informed a defiant 10-year-old that he wouldn’t be 18 for another eight years. He then asked him rhetorically,  “Do you want me to be your daddy for the next eight years, son?” The little boy immediately said, “yes.” And the drill instructor was knocked for a loop, replying, “huh?” He then asks the boy why he wants him to be his daddy, to which the child replies, “I have no daddy.” You can relive the heart-gripping scene in the video below.