Dog Charges Toward Soldier At Airport, Leaving Innocent Bystanders In Tears

When a soldier spends a lot of time away from home, it can be a very difficult life. Nobody knows this better than Vance McFarland, a soldier who spent a lot of time in Afghanistan. He was a US Army specialist who detected explosive devices and he found himself working frequently. He wasn’t alone on the job, he had a canine soldier who worked along with him. It was a Czech shepherd named Ikar. The dog had the training necessary to detect those explosive devices and they served together happily.

When Vance was finished with his deployment, he was picked up by an airplane and flown to a new assignment in Fort Bragg. He was able to take a picture of Ikar with him on the plane but the dog was returned to Afghanistan and became part of the same training program. The dog was about ready to experience something quite different than his human companion.

Ikar arrived in Afghanistan and there wasn’t a need for his services right away. He ended up being sheltered for 17 months and that is where mission K9 got involved. They heard what was taking place and they decided to do something about it. Kristin Maurer is the president of the organization and she worked hard to make sure that the dogs were set free. They were war heroes but they weren’t being treated as such.

It took a while for Kristin to find the original handler of Ikar and the other dogs. One morning, Army specialist MacFarlane woke up and a Facebook message was waiting for him. They wanted to know if he had worked with the dog in the past and he was sad to learn what had happened. They gave the dog a new home and MacFarlane was concerned that he wouldn’t recognize him when he saw him at the airport but there was no reason to be concerned.

You can see the moment for yourself in this video: