Pet Of Murdered Journalist Found Waiting Outside Her Home To Waiting Come Back

Nobody can doubt that puppies are the maximum loyal creatures on earth as they do anything it takes to protect their dad and mom. however, loyalty does not simply mean protective, as many dogs hold looking forward to years for their proprietors to return returned domestic.

A dog turned into captured looking ahead to his proprietor, who changed into killed! but, killing journalists is something that happens profusely in Mexico! fortunately for one journalist, he become saved before getting shot as his attacker’s malfunctioned! The forty seven-year-antique director popular of the online information web page CGNoticias, Cordero García, stated that he changed into informed that he may be killed like a canine!

Thankfully, he was saved by a miracle as his attacker’s gun’s bullet fell out! Fortunately, the attacker was arrested as many people came to help the journalist by holding him until National Guard arrived!


The journalist was given a panic button in case of emergency, and was enrolled in the "mechanism”, the federal program to protect journalists. An investigation was also opened by the Quintana Roo state prosecutor’s office.

We hope that cases like this won’t happen anymore as 4 Mexican journalist was killed in January! Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends