Dog Out On A Walk Sees Someone Stuck In A Wall, Refuses To Leave

A man and his dog were walking through Tow Law, England, when the dog stopped at a stone wall. He refused to move on, and that’s when Dad noticed the animal stuck in the structure. The dog wouldn’t leave until they tried to help…

It was a cat! They called the RSPCA and Inspector Ruth Thomas-Coxon arrived on scene to help. The only option was to start taking the wall apart, so they approached the owner who also came out to lend a hand.

Before long, they got to the cat who was later named Freddy, and he didn’t seem too happy to see people. But he was taken to a vet for a checkup and found to be in good health.

Freddy had no microchip, but he soon settled in and showed his sweet side. If an owner doesn’t come forward, the cat eventually be put up for adoption. And it’s all thanks to one heroic dog!