Dog Owner Leaves Note On Neighbor’s Door

Between the steady barking at random things and eating a number of the most disgusting substances, dogs are recognised to have some quite peculiar behavior. however how can dog proprietors even start to give an explanation for a fraction of their domestic dog’s oddness? a few years in the past, a woman named Kacy began noticing how her canine could stroll as much as the equal window and stare out intently. In fact, he would try this some instances an afternoon, but she usually idea it meant that he desired her to take him out for a stroll. however, sooner or later, she realized that there was something outdoor of her window that had him so captivated, and it changed the whole lot she concept she knew approximately her beloved pet.

For nearly a year, Kacy noticed how her dog would walk up to the same window, no less than three times a day, and just stare for minutes. Kacy could not figure out what could possibly hold her active dog’s attention for so long every day.

In the beginning, she thought that he just wanted to go outside, but every time she tried to summon him for a walk, he would pull away and return to her apartment window. It was such a strange behavior. She’d never seen anything like it. And quite frankly, it began to worry her.

But then, one afternoon, just out of the blue, her dog fell into what seemed like a deep depression. He just wanted to sit on her bed all day, refused to eat, and did not even get up to look outside of the window once. Even when she tried to comfort him, her dog would just shy away. What was going on with him?

This out-of-character behavior was even more, unlike the four-legged companion Kacy knew and loved. That night, Kacy decided to sleep alongside her dog, hoping that her company would cheer him up. She also planned to take him to the vet the next morning to find out if there was a physical ailment causing his behavior. She was scared that her dog might be really sick.

Fortunately, the next day, the vet said her dog was in perfect health. But when they returned home, her dog, once again, walked right past the window and back into her bedroom. Finally, Kacy took a look outside the window that had captured so much of her pup’s attention. That’s when she noticed something different.

Her neighbor, across the street, had put up a couple of houseplants in their window. But surely this could not be what was making her dog depressed? But as she looked more closely, she saw what her dog must have been fixated on.

It was her neighbor’s cat. Her dog and the cat were staring at each other nearly every day from across the street! Although cats and dogs don’t usually take notice of each other, these two clearly could not get enough of seeing one another in the window. Kacy was astounded. After all, her dog didn’t even like cats.

Although Kacy had never met her neighbor across the street, she decided to leave a handwritten letter on their door explaining the situation. She hoped that her neighbor, being a fellow animal lover, would understand her dog’s heartbreak and be willing to help.

Kacy had put a lot of thought into the letter. Her dog was still moping about her apartment, but she was hopeful that soon, he would cheer up. Would Kacy’s neighbor show empathy for what her dog’s going through, even though they are complete strangers?

The very next morning, Kacy looked out the window and was ecstatic to see that the plants were now gone! Not only did her neighbor remove the plant, but they also left a note in the window in response to her letter. The note read, "For True Love!”

Did you know that it’s not all that uncommon for cats and dogs to become best friends? In fact, you don’t have to look very far on the internet to find dozens of examples of cats and dogs who have true love and friendship for each other.

Here are a golden retriever and her feline best friend. These two are more-or-less inseparable. They just love spending their days together, taking naps, and hanging out. They are even more than content to pose together for their owner for the occasional photoshoot.

You know, every kitten should have a positive role model to look up to as they grow, and that role model doesn’t necessarily always have to be an older cat. Take this dog who is so patient as he helps to raise this kitten. Energetic kittens and patient older dogs are a match made in heaven.

For this Siamese cat, one puppy to love isn’t nearly enough! She has two dogs to cuddle, which makes for double the love! Just look at how this happy kitty has made herself the center of an adorable puppy sandwich.

This dog, living in japan, puts on performances along with his owner on the streets nearly every day. His best friend happens to be a stray cat who loves to come up and meow "hello” whenever his cool shades-rocking buddy hits the scene.

These two cute snuggle bunnies are most definitely made for one another. The dog’s name is Kodi, and the cat is Myshkin. They formed a powerful bond when Myshkin was only a 10-week-old kitten. Kodi even beat cancer at one point with Myshkin right by her friend’s side, lending support every step of the way.

Idgie, the dog and his best friend, Ruth, the cat, both understand how hard life can sometimes be. Both animals were abandoned by the same owner. But thankfully, they were adopted together! They’re named after the best friends in the popular movie Fried Green Tomatoes, and now these two best buds share a cozy forever home and bed together!

For Scout, the cat, her special bond to a dog named Charlie was so powerful, that not even Charlie’s death could break it. Now, Scout sits and watches videos of Charlie every night before going to bed. There are not a lot of animal stories more touching than theirs.

For this big, strong Dalmation, no morning can truly start right until he gets a huge hug and kiss from his best friend, who happens to be a very cute kitten. Every day would start out just a little better if we all could receive a four-legged embrace like this lucky pup!

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