Easy Home Remedy To Help You Clear Mucus And Get Rid Of Coughs

More and more people are trying to find alternatives to over the counter medications. We are going to share a natural way to soothe that recurrent cough with just some flour, honey, medical tape, coconut oil, and a napkin! The allergens that cause coughs irritate your bronchial tubes and throat. They may even cause mucus to build up.

 cough and mucus Image Credit: Flickr / Ryan Boren To treat all the symptoms of chronic coughs, all you need is the honey wrap. Some of the benefits are you won’t experience any side effects because all of the ingredients are natural. You probably have most of them in your kitchen right now! cough and mucus Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Mysid The one ingredient that is of most importance is the coconut oil. The lauric acid in the oil is reportedly able to break down the protective fatty layer that surrounds virus cells. cough and mucus 

Honey, when eaten, can do the same thing. You may know that honey helps soothe coughs when eaten – but it can also help if applied to the skin. Here is how to make the honey wrap. Add honey to one teaspoon of flour. cough and mucus Image Credit: Flickr / Hashoo Foundation USA Add a little coconut oil and make a paste. Smear the paste on the napkin and tape it to your chest with the medical tape. Children can wear it for a few hours, adults can keep it on all night. If you need to, you can replace the wrap now and again. cough and mucus Image Credit: Best Healthy Guide The honey wrap is not to be used as a cure if you haven’t seen your doctor first. The honey wrap is just a natural way to fight coughs. Share away, people!