Elderly Ex Boxer Beats 2 Thugs trying to Rob Him

Getting a job and working hard to earn our living is what most of us do. So when we finally get to retire it should lead to a peaceful life free of the stress the job brings. We have enough free time to dedicate ourselves to the things we have been neglecting for so long, such as our favorite hobby, traveling the world, and embarking on new adventures.

Societies should pay retirees utmost respect because they have done their share for the country, but sadly, that’s not always the case.

I have heard many times of incidents where elderly and vulnerable people are the target of thieves and muggers and that makes me lose faith in humanity. Imagine what would a pensioner do if they are left without their only income?

A video taken from an alley in a town in Russia is a lesson why one should never mess with old people. They may not be as vital as they once were, but they are full of experience and knowledge, and some of them happen to be retired boxers, just like this elderly guy from the video below.

The muggers had no idea that they would end up knocked down on the ground when they decided to steal from this man.

They went on him with their “fierce looking” attitude hoping to scare him, but the boxer wasn’t afraid to show off his boxing skills, and boy, we are so glad he wasn’t.

We hope the muggers learned their lesson to never mess with older people and start working their as*es off for a change.

More than 440,000 people have seen the video so far and they all agree these muggers got what they deserved. One person wrote, “Fists like bullets, those where fast, accurate, full face punches!”