Elderly Residents At Care Home Hire ‘Hunks In Trunks’ To Serve Them Meal

Many people make the mistake of associating getting older with losing a sense of humor and fun. But don’t worry! Not only is this fear completely unfounded, but it also isn’t true at all.
Going gray doesn’t mean you’ll become boring. In fact, if you’re anything like this awesome group of ladies living in a care home, it’ll be quite the opposite. If there’s one thing we know about these residents living in the Milton Lodge Care Home, located in Essex in the United Kingdom, it’s that they know how to have a great time. They shucked off the idea of innocent, conservative old women and instead decided to get a little naughty in their otherwise quiet home. The care home’s activities co-coordinator, Claire Martin, stated that for a while, a group of residents at the home had been dropping hints about a very specific and somewhat raunchy request of theirs.
At the head of these hints was Joan Corp, an 89-year-old woman whose answer whenever asked what she wants is “a man”. Since staff already knew that Joan was a bit of a fox, they weren’t surprised when she said she wanted to get some sexy, handsome young men to act as their butlers and serve them a three-course meal. After some discussion, other residents were super into that idea – and so Claire searched online for good options and hired Hunks in Trunks: a service just about as randy as it sounds! The date was set, and plans were made. A three-course meal including a roast dinner was to be served, and the daughters and granddaughters (of legal age) of the residents were to be there, too. The Hunks in Trunks men were asked to do some flirting with their patrons, as it was all in good, harmless fun! The residents were very excited when the day came. They dressed up to look their best, and when the Hunks arrived, they couldn’t help giggling. The men made sure to treat the women like queens. They were all extremely scantily clad, wearing nothing but red bow ties and wrist cuffs and a red apron around the waist. And of course, they clearly spent many hours working out at the gym! Some women couldn’t resist trying to pull at the apron strings from behind, too. Naughty, naughty! And the service didn’t just end when the meals were done – these men even asked the ladies if they would like to enjoy a massage. Naturally, they all agreed! The Hunks themselves seemed to be having a great time, laughing as they waited hand and foot on their very special clients. The women couldn’t stop laughing throughout the evening, and it’s safe to say they loved the experience. As a matter of fact, one resident named Doll Jenkins has asked that the Hunks in Trunks return when she celebrates her 100th birthday next year! This funny and exciting event is just proof that age is just a number, and you can have fun no matter your age!