Elon Musk faces Twitter employees at meeting

The Twitter company confirmed that its new owner, Elon Musk, who is one of the greatest billionaires in the world these days, will meet the company employees this week for the first time.


The main reason for the meeting is to know the real user numbers of the service that have put doubts about the buyout.

The company has confirmed the meeting saying that it is true and happening.

However, there was no doubt that the company was in doubt about its future before the takeover happened that last April.


Furthermore, Musk has decided to lift the ban of Donald Trump, the previous president of the US in some decisions to let the users post more on Twitter.


Many critics have warned about Musk’s stewardship saying that it’ll embolden disinformation campaigns and hate groups with his new decisions.


However, Twitter has agreed to give Elon Musk access after threatening to pull out his bid because of the failure of the company to give information about fake accounts.


However, it has been reported by some observers that Elon Musk is pressing to lower the price of the takeover which is $44 billion or to end the process of the takeover.



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