Family Doesn’t Recognize Grandmother After Her New Makeover

Change is something that all of us appreciate. That is why so many people enjoy getting a makeover, but not every makeover is going to be the same as the other. When they are done properly, it can be an amazing experience but if there is an issue, it can result in frustration and perhaps even a tear or two. Perhaps that is why people trust The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, more than anyone else. Hopkins has been doing makeovers for a few years and he does such a good job that he has gained an impressive following. He transforms the lives of both men and women over the age of 45 by making them look better and in the process, making them feel better. It all takes place in his world-famous studio in many Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also wrote a book entitled ‘Staging Your Comeback: a Complete Beauty Revival for Women over 45’ and he is currently producing a number of web video series. The thing that he likes doing more than anything else is helping women, like Kelly, shave a few years off of their looks feel wonderful. He does more than change the outer beauty of his clients, he works with their inner beauty so they can leave the studio as a new person. In the video below, you see a grandmother from Iron Mountain, Michigan make the choice to get a new book. She was hoping that Hopkins would do the job right. “It’s time to do something that’s just for me,” she said. “Hopefully, this is gonna be the ticket.” Kelly already looks good for her age but she had a challenge, her hair had been treated too frequently so it got brittle. It was almost impossible to style so she kept it pulled back. “Kelly came in from the Upper Michigan Peninsula with very fragile and overly processed hair,” reads the video description. “She thought it was pin straight but discovered her natural wave supported with pin curls. A slightly pear shaped face hair was given width at the temples and drawn forward to balance close set eyes. Lips are kept soft to draw focus up to the eyes.” Hopkins started by giving her a haircut and Kelly then realized that she had a wave to her hair. They started looking for a way to take advantage of it. Now that her hair was lighter and bouncier, it was easier to work with. Kelly first looked at her reflection and couldn’t find any words. She was excited but had a hard time saying what was on her mind. She finally decided to do a happy dance. “I feel gorgeous!” she said at last. “It’s not pretty, it’s frickin’ gorgeous. I’m glad we’re going out for dinner tonight. I can be glamorous and fabulous.” Next came the makeup team, which emphasized her cheekbones and lashes and stayed with aa more neutral lip color. She looked beautiful when she was ready to get up out of the chair. There was something else that was even more important, however, she loved the way that she looked and felt great as she posed for some pictures. Our favorite part of the entire process is when her family finally gets to see her. When her children and grandchildren see into the room they almost didn’t recognize the woman standing in front of them. She had changed her looks so much in a short time. Jessica, her daughter, even thanked Hopkins for his work in an online post. You can see the makeover transformation in the following video: