Family’s House Vandalized With Hate Speech After They Adopted 2 Children

For many people, families – especially ones that they build with the ones they love – are incredibly important to them.
These family members are near and dear to their hearts and will be the receivers of unfailing, unconditional love for the rest of their lives. A good thing to have at no matter what age, but especially when you are a child! Alas, there are far too many people out there who are filled with hatred and discrimination and are more than happy to isolate and attack innocents whose only crime is that they are different. This is something that the Hollis family found out the hard way after they woke up one morning to find that their home and their vehicles had been vandalized with spray paint. Those of you who live in certain parts of America will know how some small towns can be filled with great hatred.
Unfortunately for the Hollis family, their folks who lived in their small town in Central Illinois were one of these hateful people. So when these strangers found out that the Hollis family had recently adopted two little girls from Ukraine, they got mad. But just what were they mad about? As it turned out, the girls had Down Syndrome – a genetic disorder that usually affects the physical body and the mind to a varying degree. Although it can vary wildly from child to child, most children affected by this disorder will greatly struggle with a low IQ for the rest of their life.
This was certainly a struggle the Hollis family must have been aware of when they adopted these girls, yet both parents and two sons completely accepted the girls with all their heart. Alas, judging by how the cars were sprayed with all sorts of horrible statements, including “RETARD,” the rest of the town didn’t feel similarly. However, it was because of that love that Anne Hollis’s biological sons – at the time aged only 6 and 7 years old – that they refused to simply sit by idly and let the hatred keep coming. Instead, these young boys wanted to fight back and make a stand. Their first goal? To make a video so that they could speak up for their beloved sisters.
With the help of their parents, these brave, loving boys released a video that called the public to put an end to the use of the word “retard,” especially considering that it is almost always used in a negative or derogatory term. Haters can’t hide behind it being a “medical term” anymore either – the word had been phased out of medical literature decades ago. Truly, trying to bring a stop to the use of this slur is a good first step for these boys. It was an effort that did not go unnoticed either. Eventually, the Everyone Matters initiative noticed the boys’ video, and with the permission of the Hollis family, helped the video go viral.
It certainly looks like these boys are making a statement and an impact in the world – all because of the love they have for their sisters!