Folks Are Boycotting Self-Checkout Stations Because They Are Job Killers

Back in the day, walking into a store used to be a more enjoyable and personable experience. Before the age of computers, companies would hire and train folks to be more knowledgable about products. They would try to ensure that customer service was a pleasant experience that made the customer leave feeling valued and wish to return. However, today’s company’s seem only to speak lipservice to this concept while training and paying workers less and replacing them at every opportunity with machines. One example of this is the self-checkout kiosks that you find at nearly every store these days. While I have to admit these machines are very efficient and can make the checkout process much faster, there’s something lost whenever we use them. Having that final human touch to our shopping experience can make all the difference; however, many companies only see the short-term benefits to their bottom lines. However, there are a few customers in Canada who have said enough is enough and are boycotting these machines. They feel that these devices are costing hard-working folks their jobs, which in turn is hurting their economy. One person noted, “Machines don’t pay taxes!” It turns out, according to a study administered by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) there are plenty of folks who feel the same way about replacing people with self-checkout robots.
People argue that machines will have a negative effect on unemployment numbers and will cause a lot of families greater financial struggles. However, economic experts such as Sean Mullin feel that these folks are fighting a losing battle. He notes that companies are not designed to cling to old business models simply to keep workers employed. However, for folks like Chilliwack, British Columbia resident Tom Eburne, he says that they will “resist” as long as possible help save as many jobs as they can for as long as they can.