Folks Are Debating What This Image Really Shows — See If You Can Figure It Out

Ever since the early prehistoric history of humankind, optical illusions have played a role in shaping our civilization. The art of illusions really grew when folks began understanding the science behind them, as people spent lifetimes researching optical illusions. And while we often think of people like Cris Angel and Harry Houdini when we think about people who study optical illusions, the truth is that they’ve been around for a very, very long time. For example, in Ancient Greece, a 5th-century Greek philosopher named Epichamus explained optical illusions to his peers. The researcher was convinced that whenever our brains clearly think it understands something we see, there’s a possibility that it can be under the spell of an optical illusion. Which animal does this image represent? A Rabbit or a Duck?
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The answer is…

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