Frightened Dog Has Tear-Jerking Reaction When She Realizes She’s Been Saved Moments Before Being Put Down

A moment that tends to be remembered by any pet owner is the time when they brought their dog into their lives. In some cases, they may have been purchased from a breeder but other people look for them in their local area at various shelters. Choosing a dog to give a forever home is a serious responsibility. The reality of the situation, however, is that not all shelter dogs find a forever home with a kind individual. Some of them end up malnourished and suffering in some way or another.

Even though some of the dogs brought into shelters may be neglected and could have lived under horrible conditions, they still maintain a level of trust and affection toward humans. At other times, however, some of the dogs may have experiences that make them wary of getting close to humans again. When we see it happening, it can be difficult to watch. Something similar happened in the video below but it had a happy ending.

Dogs tend to have an ability to size somebody up when they see them for the very first time. When an animal is abused, they tend to be able to do so even better. If you work with these animals, it’s always a good idea that they make the first move. Trying to approach a dog may be necessary at times but it could make for a difficult situation.

Edie was an abandoned and abused dog. She was about to be put to sleep and her fear of humans made her very difficult to adopt. It had been a long time since she was with a person that was kind to her.

She needed somebody special in her life and that is what you see in the video. At first, she is frightened and not sure what to do. Her body is shaking and she is barking at the man who is trying to help her.

When Edie is finally snared and can’t run away, he goes right up to her.

It isn’t long before they start to bond with each other. She understands that he is not there to hurt her but he is going to help her.

You can see the moment that it happened in this video: