Gary Sinise Reads How Stars Honor His Charity Work And Can’t Hold Back His Tears

When you stop to look at the world around you, you begin to realize that there are a lot of famous people out there. Sure, you might not be included in that number but even so, you probably know more celebrities than you could even name. They sing, dance, act and do many other things that make them popular among the masses. One of those famous people is Gary Sinise. He managed to get parts in many movies, often playing the bad guy. He was a tough cop in one movie, a soldier in another and almost everything in-between. More than likely, however, you remember him from Forest Gump. You might not know this but Gary is more than just a recognizable face. He is also someone who plays a part in supporting active military personnel through the Gary Sinise Foundation. There are also others who may receive some support through the foundation but if you are a veteran or the family member of a veteran, you might just get a helping hand. Sinise has gone overseas to be with the troops. He still travels regularly, even though he is over 60. It doesn’t seem to be slowing him down. Gary was inspired by his role as Lieutenant Dan in Forest Gump and he has been working hard ever since. “He’s kind of played a bigger role in my life because of the nature of what that character was,” Sinise told ET.
“He was a wounded, injured soldier, and I remember going into the first hospital to visit an injured soldier after Sept. 11, and all he wanted to talk about was Lieutenant Dan and what happened to Lieutenant Dan. So, that character has obviously been very special to me.” Gary’s new memoir, Grateful American is being released and he is in the mood for celebrating. Many people have joined in the celebration by sending him heartfelt messages. You can see some in this video: After hearing about the comments, Sinise was ‘completely shocked and speechless’. After all, they were coming from Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, and many others. Many others who benefited from his generosity also came forward to express their thanks. Former Secretary of State General Colin Powell thanked the actor “for all the things you have done for our men and women who have served our nation.” “Not only what you’ve done for them but for their children, what you’ve done for their families, what you’ve done to help them rebuild their lives.” The Sinise Foundation gave a family a house and they could be seen posing in front of it. “As you can see we’re in front of this beautiful house right now,” the veteran said. “We wouldn’t have had it were it not for your kindness, graciousness and your wonderful gift of giving.” The Gary Sinise Foundation would like you to share the video as part of the #GratefulLikeGary campaign.