This Is What To Do To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Getting rid of bad breath and keeping your gums and teeth healthy and clean at the same time is an not easy thing. However, having bad breath is a common problem among people, but this is what to do to get rid of it.

Nine steps to keep your mouth and gums clean and fresh:

1. Floss and Brush more often.

Trapped food and the sticky buildup on your teeth, plaque, are among the main causes of bad breath as they collect bacteria. To prevent these bacteria, you must floss one time at minimum each day, and brush your teeth 2 times at minimum.

However, do not over-optimize in brushing and flossing as your gums and teeth cane be worn, which makes them more able to decay.

2. Rub off your tongue.

Brush your tongue gently using the toothbrush to get rid of the smelly bacteria that can take your tongue a feasting ground because of the coating on it.

You can also use a scraper if you don’t feel comfortable with your toothbrush. Furthermore, the scraper surely helps you to remove dead cells that can’t be reached with the brush, food debris, and bacteria.

3. Stop smoking habit.

Smoking can give you bad breath, stain your teeth, and damage your gums, in addition to causing painful diseases like cancer.

You can take your urge of nicotine by taking nicotine patches. However, you can even take advice from your doctor to help you get rid of the tobacco habit.

4. Rinse your mouth out.

You can get rid of bacteria by rinsing your mouth with mouthwash, that adds extra protection and freshens your teeth. Furthermore, you have to make sure that the germs that cause to halitosis are killed by the mouthwash you use. You should use the mouthwash every day before sleeping.

You can also remove the particles of food that are stuck between your gums and teeth by using plain water to swish you mouth after eating.

5. Chew sugar-free gum instead of having after-dinner mints.

Bad breath can be caused by acid, that also affects your teeth badly by wearing them down. This acid is made by the bacteria drenches on sugar, so, chewing sugar-free gum instead of after-dinner mints is better for your teeth and breath. Also, saliva is stimulated by gum. So, chewing a gum is great to get rid of plaque acids.

6. Avoid flavorful food that sours your breath.

There are many people who love eating garlic and onions because of the flavor they add to food. However, the smell of these flavorful ingredients do not get rid of with brushing or mouth-washing after eating. So, the best option is to stop eating them or at least avoiding eating them before going out to see friends or to work.

7. Keep your mouth moistened.

If your mouth does not have enough saliva, you can get bad breath and tooth decay. So, during the day, drinking a lot of water is good to keep your mouth moistened. You can also moisten your mouth by sucking sugarless hard candy or chewing sugar-free gum.

8. Keep your gums healthy.

An odor is created by the bacteria that gather in pockets at the teeth’s base. However, visiting a periodontist is a great option if you have gum disease as she/he will surely help to treat it.

9. See your doctor.

If your breath still has an odor after doing all of the above steps, see your doctor for check-ups.

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