Girl Left Bald After Popular Shampoo Caused Her Long Red Hair To Fall Out In Chunks

Consumers should always read labels – for food, beauty or anything. Doing so would prevent unnecessary worries and troubles to come.

This is the story of an 11-year-old girl named Eliana Lawrence, who lost most of her beautiful red hair due to one beauty product.

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2 years ago and right before she turned 10-years-old, Eliana’s hair started to fall off, patch by patch.

Soon enough, she became almost bald. This alarmed Eliana’s mother.

Wen Hair Care was supposedly ‘natural’, and even had a celebrity endorsing it! Evidently, these were all false claims just to market the products.

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Eliana had only used Wen’s cleansing conditioner for a mere 3 times – only to invite devastating results.

However, it was not only the conditioner that is deadly to consumers.

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To date, the parent company which owns WEN has gotten over 21,000 cases of customer feedback – and they aren’t good.

To warn locals, the FDA has issued a red alert, warning consumers not to purchase WEN as they do cause unwanted rashes, permanent baldness, and continuous hair loss.

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Investigations showed that WEN hair care is the main culprit for Eliana’s devastating hair loss.

With each usage, more hair starts to die and fall out – causing baldness.

Eliana wasn’t the only one who experienced such a tragedy – last year, a woman had also sued WEN for causing her to go bald as well, after she used their conditioner and shampoo combo.

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Unfortunately, the FDA cannot issue product recalls on WEN’s behalf.

The company has to do it themselves, regardless whether their products are safe to use or not.

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Today, Eliana still has bald patches on her head. Although some of her hair grew back, her scalp has been left permanently damaged due to WEN.

She now pushes for change – against the formally overlooked FDA regulatory laws which primarily concern consumer cosmetics and healthcare product issues.

Image Credit: mirilaws / YouTube

Eliana bravely shows her bald head to the camera, and is all over the local news!

Image Credit: mirilaws / YouTube

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Beware – be sure to read the ingredients carefully before purchasing!

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