Granddaughter Coldly Disinvites Grandma Who Used Life Savings To Pay For Her Wedding

Many parents dream of the day they watch their children get married. Then, once they become grandparents, they have new feelings of anticipation. However, one grandmother recounted a heartbreaking tale concerning her only granddaughter Clara. You see, her granddaughter had wanted a dream wedding since she was a little girl. With this in mind, Agnes, her grandmother, saved up money for years to help her granddaughter pay for it one day. But then, just as the big day was drawing near, her granddaughter suddenly removed her name from the guest list. Here’s Agnes’ story.

Agnes was once a loving wife, mom, and grandma. Her entire life, all she ever did was try to care for the people who meant everything to her. She positively adored and spoiled her granddaughter Clara when she was a child. The little girl, who’s now a woman, spent a lot of childhood summers at her grandmother’s house. Sadly, when Agnes was 75, she lost her beloved husband, Edward. Soon after, her own health started to take a bad turn. She decided to move in with her son and his family. At first, everything went smoothly. The family was very caring and attentive toward Agnes. But then things began to change when doctors diagnosed the grandmother with dementia.

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Every day from then on, Agnes would overhear her son and his wife arguing about her care. Linda, his wife, wished to have Agnes moved to a nursing facility. She was also very angry about how much Agnes’ treatments cost as the older woman’s condition would continue to get worse. Agnes knew that her son loved her, but all the animosity hurt her she felt from her daughter-in-law. Agnes also felt terrible that she was causing discord in their marriage.

Still, Agnes would stay with her son, mainly because she got to see more of her granddaughter Clara. She positively treasured her granddaughter and loved spending time with her. She also understood she had very little time left. Naturally, she was filled with joy upon hearing the news of her granddaughter’s engagement. Seeing her beloved granddaughter walk down the aisle in her beautiful wedding gown was likely going to be one of the last happy memories she would take from this world.


The Very Generous Offer

As mentioned earlier, Agnes had spent years saving up money for Clara’s dream wedding. She also had some savings left by her late husband, Edward. She put those funds in a special account that wasn’t to be touched except to fund her granddaughter’s wedding. She went with her son and his wife to deliver the good news that she was going to give $25,000 to Clara for her wedding.

Agnes insisted that they take it, explaining that this was what she’d worked so hard to save up for over the years. There was nothing else Agnes needed or wanted to spend this money on. And she also knew that she didn’t have much time left to spend it. Naturally, Linda was quick to agree to accept Agnes’ offer, and with a bit more persistence from his wife and mom, Timothy eventually conceded.

The Surprise Betrayal

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However, just a few weeks before the wedding, Clara shocked them all. She wished to remove her grandmother from the guest list! Agnes overheard Clara in a heated argument with her parents over the stunning decision. Clara argued that in Agnes’ condition she would only ruin her wedding. Clara’s parents, even Agnes’ spiteful daughter-in-law, protested their daughter’s cruel decision. However, Clara would not budge. She simply did not wish for her grandmother to be there, and if she were to show up, she said she would cancel the entire affair!

The heartbreaking news made Agnes’ health problems deteriorate even faster. Her doctors informed her son that if the family didn’t take better care of her, she would continue to go downhill, fast. However, now Clara and Linda were pressuring Timothy to put his mother in a nursing home!

Wedding Day

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That is when Agnes had enough. She announced to her family that not only did she not wish to attend Clara’s wedding but insisted that they move her into a nursing home right away. Timothy tried to change his mother’s mind, but Agnes insisted. She explained that neither he, his daughter, or his wife wished for her to stay. She was no longer comfortable in their home and just wanted to be left in peace.

On the day she moved out, Agnes was feeling lots of conflicting emotions. However, she felt even worse on the day of Clara’s wedding. She was so confused and hurt. Agnes could not imagine why in the world her adorable little granddaughter decided to become such a cruel and cold person. It just didn’t make sense that she would not allow her grandmother to attend her wedding simply because she was sick. She called her son and he agreed, only wishing there was more he could do in this situation.

Karma Has the Final Word 

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As Agnes arrived at the wedding, she could hear yelling from the bridal suite. It was her grandaughter arguing with her fiance. They were found because the groom wished to call off the wedding.

His reason?

The man learned about Clara disinviting her grandmother and why.

Clara explained how she did not wish her grandmother to attend their wedding because she believed that she would just be a burden. However, her fiance wasn’t hearing any of it! He reminded her how everyone grows older and, at some point, will need taking care of. His parents were now in their sixties, and he was beginning to question whether or not he had to look forward to his future wife treating his parents the way she’s treating her grandmother. When Clara still refused to change her mind, the fiance threatened to cancel the wedding on the spot.

Finally, Agnes decided she would step in. She walked into the room and begged Clara’s fiance to go on with the wedding. She explained that she’s already forgiven her granddaughter and that he should as well. Clara, as you would expect, was shocked to see her grandmother.

Unfortunately for Clara, her fiance had made up his mind. He had no intention of marrying her, on that day, or possibly ever!

With that, Clara collapsed to the floor sobbing.

Agnes tried to soothe her, but instead, Clara just had her own grandmother thrown out of the bridal suite.

A Very Different Type of Party

Agnes sat in shock. She watched as the wedding guest somberly and awkwardly shuffled out of the venue. That’s when Agnes decided it was finally time to do something just for her. She called the nursing home and invited her fellow residents. After all, she’d already paid for the entire wedding, so there was no sense in letting a good party go to waste, was there? They had plenty of food, decorations, and even a DJ already set up. Since she couldn’t get a refund, Agnes figured she might as well make the most of it.

Of course, Clara and Linda were furious with her for throwing a party for her nursing home friends at what was supposed to be her granddaughter’s wedding. However, Agnes was over those two selfish people. Instead of feeling sorry, Agnes had a lovely afternoon with folks who actually cared about her.

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