Grandfather and His Granddaughters Shuffle Into People’s Hearts with Sharp Dance Movies

What sort of dancing do you like? The Charleston? The Shuffle? The Carleton? Maybe a little jazz or tap dancing? A grandfather and his two adorable granddaughters have mastered them all and are warming hearts all over the world, basically anyone who sees the video. They even do a bit of moonlighting, it seems. The somewhat elderly but very spry older gentleman and who most believe to be his granddaughters have gone viral for this cool little dance move that was posted to a Twitter account in 2017. The Twitter account belonging to @malatang2015 has been deleted, but the delightful video lives on.

Thanks to the immortal power of the internet, good stuff never really goes away. We just have to dig to find it. Fortunately, someone uploaded the video to YouTube so that we can all enjoy it. In the original video, the song the grandfather and his granddaughters are dancing to is a common one often heard in Chinese plazas, and the song is called “Grassland Love Song” (草原情歌 Cǎoyuán Qínggē). Over the years, tons of viewers have remixed the video and altered the speed in some cases. They’ve even changed it to match their own beats when they wanted it different. Like I said, the power of the internet.

Nothing concrete is known about the grandfather or the girls who are dancing with him, and we don’t even know if they’re aware that their adorable video has gone viral. But for sure, Granddaddy is an internet sensation! The trio dances in perfect unison, and they even execute a series of intricate dance steps that surely took a lot of practice. We don’t even know who taught who. Did Grandfather do the teaching and the little girls following along? Or did the little girls decide to teach Grandfather some tricks and moves of their own? Whichever it is, the grandfather is incredibly light on his feet, as much so as the little girls he’s dancing with. Amazingly, this isn’t his only public dancing, either. He appears to be the same man that was seen dancing in another video with a teenager, although she, too, is labeled as his granddaughter in the video’s descriptions. Watch this amazing video.