Groom Grabs The Bride By The Arm And Pushes Her Away At The Altar

The wedding day is one of the biggest days of our life. It is the day when we give a promise to our significant other was that we will stick with them for the rest of our life. Weddings have also been a part of our culture for more time than most of us realize. Standing up and saying those vows is an important part of it, but there are going to be times when things don’t go exactly as planned.


 That is what it was experienced in a wedding that involved a mixed family. Janna had given birth to Jayda in 2007. A few years later, Janna met a man by the name of Clifton and it was love at first sight. He was a kind man that took care of the entire family so it was only natural that the little girl would ask if she could start calling him daddy. 

The next logical step was to propose and get married, which is exactly what happened. Jayda didn’t have a biological father because he died in 2016. They needed to get away from the stress so Clifton took them away to Clearwater, Florida for a little relaxation in the sun.


 He also spent the day with the little girl and they went to a jewelry store. The wedding planning started not long after they got back from their trip. When the big day came, Clifton asked his wife-to-be to step aside and the little girl came forward. Janna had no idea it was going to happen but the photographer caught the moment and it is absolutely beautiful. He then had another surprise, and it was the 14 karat white gold ring with a diamond that he had picked out with the little girl when they were in Florida. Sounds like a great start to a happy life.