Handsome Musicians Perform ‘Sound Of Silence’ Cover Leaving The Audience Spellbound

Do you have a love for music? If you do, there is probably a song that you hear on the radio on occasion and when you hear it, it really takes you back. Perhaps it was something that you heard when you were younger, and a favorite song from your youth can be a beautiful song from your adult life. There may even be some connection, just because the song was so popular and you have heard it so many times that you know it by heart.

That is the case for many people with an old Simon and Garfunkel song, the Sound of Silence. When they released this song, it was absolutely phenomenal and people just couldn’t get enough of it. It was so popular back then that it still maintains a high level of popularity today and we often hear it on the radio. People loved the song so much that they also began to copy it and it doesn’t matter if you are a professional singer or an amateur, it’s a song that is easy to sing.

The group that you are about to hear performing this song is well-known. They are Celtic Thunder out of Dublin, Ireland. In 2017, they hit the streets running and audiences have been loving everything that they put out ever since. At first, they were put together to preserve the Celtic heritage but now, they just thrill us with music.

Keith Harkin and Colm Keegan were the two that perform this song from May 2014 tour. When they began singing, the audience got so quiet that I don’t think there was a single noise coming from them.

Colm has a voice that is steady and calm and Keith is doing amazing things with his vocals. It seems as if they were perfectly made to sing the song together.

Simon and Garfunkel were taking things to the next level when they released this song and any other song that they performed back in the day. Perhaps the most interesting part about the album that featured the song is the fact that it didn’t do well.

When the album flopped, they decided to split but once the radio began playing the music, they got back together again. They even started performing again after the song was remixed and then this musical masterpiece became a part of our history.

When you hear this song being covered, you know why it has millions of views. Many people say it is the best song they have ever heard, and I think many of you will agree.

You can hear it being sung in this video: