Happiest Adoption Photo For The First Night At Forever Home After Leaving Shelter

Dogs are creatures, on this planet. They ask for little. Give so much in return.
This adoption picture is incredibly heartwarming! It captures the moment of saving a life... The dog had the smile from ear to ear.
The way the adorable dog was hugging the child almost gives the impression that the child was just brought home from a shelter. It's truly touching.
They don't demand much do they? Just a second chance at a home. It's not their fault.
A adopted pit bull snuggled up to his human sister and grinned, feeling safe and comfortable in his wonderful new home.
Pit bulls face challenges in finding homes compared to breeds and being a pit bull often means spending three times in shelters.
Pit bulls are often viewed with controversy due to incidents of attacks and injuries which makes potential owners hesitant.
Without a doubt this is one of the pictures capturing the bond between a child and his dog. A picture truly speaks volumes!
He knows how fortunate he is since you adopted him as a gift, in your life.
You become a part of his family providing love and protection. You will have a companion, for the rest of his life.
This photo is truly incredible. These animals are absolutely stunning, with gentle and kind spirits. All they desire is a loving family, a place to call home and nourishment.
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