Hawk Snatches And Drags Puppy . The Dad Intervenes But The Bird Was Way Strong

Cecilia Celis let her 2 puppies, Heidi and Lulu, play inside the backyard one morning as typical with out anticipating that some thing horrific may want to occur. there was a hawk with pink tail watching for a risk to get a prey! The massive hen directly swooped in to seize one of the puppies by way of his claw when they were within the outdoor.
The hawk started chocking Lulu, at the same time as her sister, Heidi, did now not recognize what to do however barking at the hawk to let it leave her sister! hearing the barks of the Yorkies, Cecilia observed the hazard and ran out screaming very loud to permit the hawk releases Lulu, but to no avail.
Cecilia then used a flimsy couch cushion to assault the fowl via hitting him! It became a smooth attack, but it labored! but, regardless of a wound on her neck, Lulu is normally high-quality. How brave the owner is! Watch the video underneath.
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