Help this Worried Wife Find Her Missing Husband — Most Get This One Wrong

Some of my favorite image puzzles are vintage drawings. They have a certain haunting style that makes puzzles a little tougher. And for this one, thousands upon thousands of puzzle takers have tried to crack it. Nearly everyone gets it dead wrong!

You see, the puzzle creator played a dirty trick that makes this puzzle seem easier to solve than is the case.

In the image below, we see what appears to be a farmer’s wife out with the family cow in search of her missing husband.

But what she doesn’t realize is that he’s much closer than she thinks.

See if you can find him.[1]

Timeless Life

Okay, if you think you’ve solved the mystery, then scroll down to see if you’re right.

Scroll Down

Where Is Her Husband?

If you guessed her husband’s face in the cow’s mane, I’m afraid you’re wrong. Don’t worry. Most people select that answer, and it was likely done on purpose to throw you off the trail.

Now take a closer look at the cow’s body, and you’ll see her husband.

Image Source: Timeless Life

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