Homeless Man Returns Diamond Ring Accidentally Dropped Into His Change Cup

When you give someone a gift, it isn’t right to ask for it back. But, what if you don’t even know you gave a gift – is it okay to ask for it back? That is what Sarah Darling did in 2013. She unknowingly dropped her $4,000 engagement ring into a homeless man’s, Billy Ray Harris, cup. In Kansas City, Harris was living under a bridge. She was trying to be nice and give him some change and lost her ring in the process. Two days, later, Harris still had the ring. He had thought about selling it but hadn’t done it yet. Sarah was elated that he still had the ring. He did give Sarah back her ring. In return, Sarah started a fundraiser for Harris online. Take a look at the  video!
They were able to raise $200,000 for him and better than that – he was able to be reunited with his family! Share away, people!