How Fast Can You Find The Mouse Hiding In This Lion Picture?

Drawings and paintings are pretty incredible. There are so many things a person can create just by drawing or painting a few lines on paper or canvas. The amount of detail found in many works of art is simply mind-blowing. With today’s colors and technology, they can make images look almost as though they can jump right off the page! Take the image of this lion, for example. Just look into his fierce eyes. He’s quite a formidable beast, is he not? However, this lion is hiding a big secret.

You see, the picture was created by artist René Melot, who titled his digital artwork, “Lion Mouse.” It turns out there is a hidden mouse hiding somewhere in the picture, but most folks can never find it. Not everything is always what it seems, and the mouse hidden in the photo proves that point perfectly. But when you think outside the box, the critter soon reveals itself.