How Long Should You Walk Your Dog?

How Long Should You Walk Your Dog?



One of the most common questions among dog owners is “how long should I walk my dog?” Actually, there is no certain answer to this question as there are many factors to depend on like the fitness level of the dog, and its age and size. Continue reading to know the recommended time for your dog walk depending on its factors.


According to a few guidelines that are recommended by vets, a medium-sized adult dog should walk for at least 30 mins every day. On the other hand, older and smaller dogs can be taken for less than 30-min walks as they usually require less exercise. Anyway, the target for most dog owners is 30 mins as their dog will stay well balanced and fit, but taking your dog for 45-minute-or-more walks is also ideal.


For dogs with health issues or senior dogs, you should take advice from your vet before deciding the perfect time for the walks. If you have a puppy, 15-min walk is recommended as their joints are still soft, so, they don’t get damaged.


Watching and monitoring your dog’s reaction and how he’s feeling during the walks and after them is the best way to know how many minutes your dog can walk each day. If your dog needs constant rests or walks slower, it means that he is not that active. However, if your dog is enjoying the walks and does not work hard to keep up with you, it means that he’s energetic.


What makes walking very important for dogs is that it gives them the opportunity to interact with new sounds, smells, sights, and environments. Dogs, who walk in a regular way, can be healthier, happier, and calmer than other dogs, who do not walk regularly, as they can meet other dogs. Make sure to get water with you as it is really important, so your dog stays hydrated during the walks.



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