How Many Men Do You See in This Picture

An expression we’ve heard all of our lives is "things aren’t always what they seem.” That’s totally true. It’s often a good idea to take a closer look at situations before you make judgments because the truth is that our society has long been run on quick and incorrect judgments. 

Here’s a great example. Just imagine the traffic jams if folks second-guessed every snap-decision they make every single day. Human beings go with their "gut” in most situations and that’s the way our mind is designed. It’s how we are wired, you could say. That’s one thing that makes art puzzles so intriguing. This type of puzzle sends us for a loop and really makes us re-examine our perceptions of everything going on around us. In this image, a third poker player is hiding somewhere in the picture. Can you find the third player?

How did you do? Okay, so here’s the creepy guy hiding in the image.
Wow, right???