How To Bathe A Kitten

How To Bathe A Kitten



There is no doubt that giving your kitten a bath is among the most difficult missions as cats, in general, don’t like water. Anyway, bathing a cat is easier than bathing a kitten, so, you have to make sure of some things before giving them a bath including grooming them in a great way as they can’t do it like cats, and be aware to give your kitten what it needs during bathing it. Continue reading to know how to bathe your kitten for the first time.



How to prepare your kitten for a bath

Before giving your kitten a bath, make sure to wet it. However, if your cat is Bengal, so, no need to wet it as this type of cat enjoys playing in the water. Furthermore, less-than-2-month kittens can easily get adapted to the water.


Follow the below steps to let your kitten adapt to the water:

How To Bathe A Kitten

How To Bathe A Kitten

Use a wet washcloth to wipe your small feline in a very gentle way. While wiping your kitten, give it tasty treats or wet food to let it accept being wiped rapidly. Make sure to wipe all your kitten’s body including its head and feet.


Put your kitten on a shallow pan after you create it when it’s very comfortable with the wet washcloth. Using treats or wet food is a great choice to let your kitten stand on the pan easily.


Do not forget to stop these two steps when you feel that your kitten is not comfortable, or it’s scared or stressed.


Use your hand to spray water over the feline’s back and head as long as it’s comfortable. Using a cup is a great option to spray water. However, petting your kitten is a very important thing to keep it comfortable. Now, it is time to bathe your kitten.



What you need:

Treats or wet food,

Kitten-safe shampoo,


Bathing container,




Bathing Your Cat:

Use warm (not hot) water to fill the container up to the knees of the kitten.


Gently, put the kitten in the container, and use the cup to wet the kitten’s head to its hind legs.


Use a little amount of shampoo to massage the kitten. After the massaging comes to an end, the shampoo should be rinsed off. Then use a hairdryer or a soft towel to dry your kitten. Make sure to finish that bath time as fast as you can to not let your kitten feel cold.



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