How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning a dog’s ears may be a challenging task for many pet owners, as it is a serious side of any dog’s care. Thus, your dog has to be conditionally accepted for ear cleaning otherwise you will not feel convenient doing it.

However, some dogs’ ears are naturally clean, and healthy and nearly never require to be cleaned, whereas other dogs’ ears have regular cleaning as in some cases they might have ear infections because of the buildup of dirt inside them. Cocker Spaniels and Basset Hounds are among the breeds with the highest risk of getting ear infections, but that doesn’t mean that the rest can’t develop such infections. Let’s agree that dogs’ ears have to be cleaned regularly. Rubbing and massaging your dog’s healthy ears might make him feel happy, whereas, he might get sore and pull away from you if he has an ear infection.

How to Know When Your Dog’s Ears Require Cleaning

Before cleaning your dog’s ears, you have to be sure that they actually need cleaning, as over-cleaning can cause to irritation and infection. Clean ears can speak for themselves as they do not look inflamed or dirty, odorless, pink as well as smell good. And remember, clean ears only when you realize something different. Those who love to swim in the water so much time or dogs that are predisposed to ear infections may need often ear cleanings more than others who need only infrequently ear cleanings. For dogs who swim a lot, you have to use topical astringents to keep the canals of the ear well ventilated and dry, according to the Merck Veterinary Manual recommendations. Your furry friend will shake their head more than frequently if he needs ear cleaning, so you have to be alert. However, if you notice that your dog appears to be painful or his ear smells yeasty, or looks inflamed and red, don’t hesitate to call for help. Cleaning infected ears is often not good as they need medical care than cleaning. Ears with such symptoms could indicate allergies, ear mites, or fleas, and need medical care.

Supplies Using in Cleaning Ears

some supplies are needed to successfully and easily clean the ears of your dog: a towel, a dog ear-cleaning solution, gauze or a cotton ball. Don’t use anything with a pointed tip or cotton-tipped swabs because they can shove debris and dirt deeper into your furry friend’s ears, leading to many problems. To a wise cleaning, clean your canine’s ears in any room that is easy to clean or a bathroom, you may think it’s simple but if your loved one wants to shake his head, the place can get messy.

Solutions Using in Cleaning Dogs’ Ears

Simply, the safest choices to clean your dog’s ears are your veterinarian-approved ear-cleaning solutions. Don’t use any ear-cleaning solutions that are made at home, as they may contain irritating or harmful ingredients. Almost all vet clinics have ear cleaner for dogs. Besides, your vet can recommend suitable solutions for your puppy’s specific requirements.

How to Clean Your Dog Ears in Three Steps

First of all, get your dog when they are calm and your supplies in the place. You can also use treats to soften the process. Second, fill the canal of your dog’s ear by squeezing the perfect solution, then for about thirty seconds, massage at the ear’s base gently till you hear a sound of squishing as the solution dislodges buildup and debris. But be careful, letting the tip of the applicator touches your pup’s ear, can introduce bacteria. When your pup shakes his head, use the towel to wipe his face down as well as to protect yourself from the drizzle. Finally, use the gauze or cotton ball to wipe out the canal of the ear without getting deeper than the depth of one knuckle. Stop cleaning and consult your veterinarian if you feel that your dog is in pain during the process.

Should Hydrogen Peroxide Be Used to Clean Your Dog’s Ears?

The answer is simply No. You can’t use the common household product (hydrogen peroxide) on your dog because it can indeed cause irritation to healthy skin cells. Adhere to veterinarian solutions as the hydrogen peroxide could in the end damage the ear itself as it contains very sensitive tissue.

In Conclusion, you can get the basics briefly here after knowing how to clean your dog’s ears: After bath time, check your pup’s ears regularly, clean and healthy ear has many signs as well as a good smell, use only a veterinarian-approved ear-cleaning solution, if you notice something different, call your veterinarian, don’t clean ears too often as this can lead to excessive irritation.

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