Bad Breath: Causes And How to Get Rid of It

Most of us have faced such an embarrassed situation when you feel that people you speak with are not comfortable and try to finish the conversation! The first thing comes to your mind is that your breath has a bad smell! Actually, it is a usual thing between people, and many of them try to keep their breath fresh with brushing their teeth, using mouthwash, or having gums. But have you ever thought what are the causes of the bad breath, and how to get rid of it?! Anyway, in this article, you will find answers for your questions.

There is no doubt that at least every person in this life has encountered halitosis, or bad breath, at least one time. Honestly, no matter if we are the victims or culprits, we just hope to avoid this problem. Anyway, apologizing in this case is not the greatest option to deal with the bad breath, you can instead do many things to treat and prevent bad breath. A nurse practitioner from Penn Internal Medicine Westtown, MSN, CRNP called Tina McGroarty has shared 3 main tips to keep your mouth clean and fresh.

How to keep your mouth clean and fresh with 3 tips:

Stay hydrated

One of the most important things to keep your mouth fresh and hydrated is saliva. Actually, the very small particles of food that stick to your gums and teeth are being flushed by the saliva! Without the saliva, your mouth will be full of bacteria, that snacks on what is left of food inside your mouth.

Furthermore, without saliva, your mouth will be dry, which happens because of many causes including:

  • Consuming caffeine and alcohol
  • Chronic disease and illness
  • Dehydration
  • Some prescription medications

Luckily, we can prevent dry mouth easily by many ways such as having a glass of cold water, or chewing on a piece of sugar-free gum. However, if these quick ways do not work, visiting your doctor is the best option.

Limit potent foods

Actually, eating a meal heavy with onion, garlic, sauces, or any other ingredients that are flavorful will surely make your breath smell bad as the strong smell of these ingredients stabilize at your lungs. This means that quick fixes like rinsing with mouthwash, flossing, and brushing are not permanent solutions.

The best solution is to limit these flavorful ingredients. But if you love these meals, you have to know that a glass of milk is the best way to help deodorize breath. You can even take it after or during the meal.

Schedule annual checkups (Your overall health)

It is known that striking with a cold or allergies causes the breath to be bad as these conditions can be a feasting ground for bacteria as the mucus will surely be excessed. Furthermore, there are also many diseases that will contribute to bad breath such kidney, gum, and liver disease. Anyway, visiting the doctor regularly for check-ups will surely make your mouth smelling clean and fresh.

However, there are one important thing you should try to prevent which is smoking as cigarettes will surely lead to bad breath and some other worse diseases such as oral cancer and gum disease.

In conclusion, bad breath is a common problem among people, but it can be solved easily with the 3 main tips that are mentioned above.

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