How to get the most out of HIT workouts without jumping

An advocate of low-impact strength training called Kieran Maguire shared a recent story to let people know that jumping is not obligatory if you want to be fit. However, many overweight people are afraid of going to the gym as they do not feel comfortable with jumping, but the truth is that you can do great workouts without jumping!


“Fitness is the longest of long games. This is an investment plan,” says Kieran Maguire, an advocate of low-impact strength training.

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Maguire, who is a fitness instructor at a gym, said that a young lady came to the gym. The woman told him after some weeks that she continued delaying signing up for tens of months as she had thought that she needs to jump so much in the workouts! And because she has bad knees and ankles, she decided to delay it! He also added that the woman has not lost the weight she got during the Coronavirus pandemic!

The woman also told him that the exercises can’t hurt the joints as they are able to be easily adapted on them.


Maguire also added long games are the way to have fitness. He explained that the most pain you get on your knees is from running, as they can suffer from around 7 times of your weight!


There’re many great reasons to avoid the exercises that have a high impact on your joints such as low bone density, age, muscle soreness, disability, feeling unfit or uncoordinated, being unsure about unfamiliar movements, being overweight, fear of new injury, or pre-existing injury.


Furthermore, there are some other reasons for women such as postpartum pelvic floor issues, pregnancy, endometriosis, and period pain.


Anyway, you can perform exercises with high intensity instead of high-impact exercises. There are many high-intensity, low-impact exercises such as using a rowing machine or cross-trainer, swimming, or cycling on a stationary bike.


Finally, losing weight needs progressive hard work especially if you have a great amount of fat in your body. So, if you decide to sign up at the gym, you have to keep in mind that the results need a long while.



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