Identical Twins Have Rainbow Babies On Same Day At Same Hospital

It doesn’t matter who we are, we all are going to have some type of unique trait that helps us to stand apart from everyone else. It is even true when it comes to our brothers and sisters because we all have our differences. 

At times, those differences are easy to see but when it comes to identical twins, they may be much more difficult to identify. Even though they are each unique individuals that have different stories to tell, we realize that twins offer something amazing that in many cases, other people don’t have. It’s incredible when you learn about identical twins who seem to follow the same path in life, even when they are not trying to do so. Sometimes there are just so many similarities between those twins that it is too much to chalk up to coincidence.

 As an example, take what happened to Bao Kou Julie Yang and Bao Nhia Julia Yang. Those 23-year-old twin women both suffered from miscarriages but then they conceived another child. The rainbow babies are special to each of the mothers but what is even more special is the fact that the twins were having their rainbow babies at the same time and in the same hospital. The sisters talked to People and said that they remembered the day that they went to the hospital. They were checking in a week early. "We both weren’t expecting this, to say the very least,” Bao Kou said. "I was definitely in shock, but I was happy for the both of us. It’s really a miracle.” These types of circumstances are incredibly rare. Both of the girls had lost a baby before they conceived the child that was being born at this time. Obviously, it was an emotional time in life but they had each other to lean on. "My sister and I went through miscarriages together and that definitely brought us closer,” Bao Kou said. "Being able to see her, being able to have her be there and keeping me together after our miscarriages was something that was very important to me.”

The situation that they faced was tragic indeed but they had comfort in their twin. Since they both experienced the same thing, they grew even closer to each other. "We were just feeling a lot of love and care for each other. We’ve gone through a lot,” Bao Kou continued. "We definitely were there for each other and we both reminded each other that no matter what happened, we were always going to have each other.” Both girls now have little girls of their own and they hope that they will bond just like the mothers have bonded. "They seem to get along with each other. They fall asleep next to each other fine. They cry at the same time,” Bao Kou said of the babies. "I think that me and Julia will try our best to ensure that our children know what a close bond she and I have. Hopefully they will get to share that as well.”
 The birth was a special moment for these two twins but the hospital also felt that it was special. After being born at the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, a picture of the mothers and newborn children were shared on their Facebook page. The caption read: "Yes, you are seeing double! These twins gave birth to baby girls only two hours apart. Welcome to the world Baby Nadalie (purple) and Baby Candra (pink)!” It is so nice that these sisters are close and have the chance to raise their babies together.