Image Puzzle: Do You Think You Can Spot the Person Hidden in This Old Photograph?

When it comes to how we interpret reality, most of us think we really see the world as it really is. However, science has proven that our idea of reality can vary from person to person, in some of the most minor and noticeable ways. And, when it comes to how we see things such as pictures, you may be surprised at the details most of us can miss, as our focus is often captured by certain people or objects in the picture, thereby not allowing us to find certain hidden details. As the old saying goes, “not everything is as it seems.” When the majority of folks look at this photo, they are unlikely to look beyond what seems obvious at first glance. To most, it’s just a black and white photo that shows a couple looking out across a lake. The mood seems so serene and peaceful. However, that’s not the only thing the photo conveys. There’s actually a third person hidden in the picture that most folks just can’t see.  Take a closer look and see if you can find the hidden figure. Give up?