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Internet Explorer has been ‘retired’ by Microsoft, ushering in the end of an era

Internet Explorer web browser has been retired by Microsoft, the technology giant, this week. This means that the white and blue “e” icon will not be on computers anymore, which leaves at least some users globally in mourning.


One posted on Twitter that he is one of the first users of IE, adding that his knowledge was being expanded in his childhood by this web browser. He also added that he is in mourning after hearing this news.


Another one tweeted “sad to lose the last the old guard”, while another said “it is very sad to see IE go”

Many said that the main reason for this decision is the lack of speed. It was very sad to say goodbye to the web browser that was dominant for many years since its beginning in 1995.

One commented sarcastically that the only thing he will miss IE for is to download another browser like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Thanks for being used to download other browsers for 27 years.

Microsoft said that some forms of IE will be continuously supported by them, but particular versions of Windows Ten will not be able to use it anymore.


However, if you are one of those who love Internet Explorer, you can still use the “Microsoft Edge” web browser, which has (‘IE mode’) built in but with a more modern browsing experience, more secure, and faster.


However, Microsoft also added that it respects Activision Blizzard unionization. Furthermore, this decision will affect many countries, especially in Asia, where its administrative affairs are still dependent on IE widely.


For example, many financial institutions and government agencies requested help from a great software in Tokyo, which means serious headaches for months in Japan. Furthermore, around 49% of 350 companies in Japan were still using the IE according to a poll by The Japan Times back in March.


Also, the local media in South Korea said that some government agencies like the Korea Water Resources Corp., Infrastructure and Transport, and the Ministry of Land have fears as they were still using the browser.



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