Irritated Dad Starts Campaign For Baby Changing Facilities In Men’s Public Restrooms

We have plenty of things to get excited about in life and sometimes, we even have things that make us annoyed. Perhaps one of the things that gets under our skin more than anything else is when we have to head into a public restroom. Nature does call, but sometimes it can call at the most inconvenient times and we end up using the facilities where so many other people have been.

Another problem that some people face whenever they have to go to a public bathroom is the changing of a diaper. Some bathrooms have family bathrooms that can be used by either gender but if you are a man, you can plan on not having the changing table and other options available. That didn’t stop one annoyed dad, who decided to do something about it.

What would you do if you are a father and needed to change your child in public? You wouldn’t put them on the floor of the toilet! This dad seems to understand. He developed a squat technique that is uncomfortable but effective. His name is Dante Palmer and he has three sons of his own, as well as an Instagram account, Three Boys One Goal. He also started the movement #squatforchange and it is gaining steam.

“What’s the deal with not having changing tables in men’s bathroom as if we don’t exist. Clearly, we do this often because look how comfortable my son is. It’s routine to him! Let’s fix this problem!” said Palmer.

Family rooms may be available in some toilets but they are not very common. Men, today, tend to do much of the caregiving for the baby. Why not have the right facilities available?

“Changing tables are important in men’s restrooms because fathers deserve the opportunity to be their best,” Palmer said.

People are Maggie’s humans decided that they could not take her with them, wherever they were going, so they dropped her off at Barkers Pet Motel beginning to get behind the hashtag and he has more than $1400 available on his cloud funding campaign. If he makes any extra money, he will donate it to the National Diaper Bank charity.

You can see more about his efforts in this video