Jack Black Impresses Everyone With His Awesome Skills On The Toy Saxophone

It is always interesting to watch the celebrities when they end up on the late-night talk shows. They may have been popular for many years and people know them and their performances but when they get on the talk shows, their popularity goes to an even higher level. After all, they are sitting with someone who is very skilled at asking all the right questions and putting the person at ease so that they talk about things that let people know them on a more personal level. Since most people tend to follow those celebrities online or elsewhere, seeing them on the late-night talk shows is always a treat. One of the celebrities that ended up on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon is Jack Black. Perhaps you have seen him on a movie here or there and he is a very popular performer, actor and apparently, musician. I’m not talking about his performance on The School of Rock, I’m talking about him playing a toy instrument at Tenacious D shows. The sax-a-boom is a rather interesting toy but if it is played by somebody who is skilled, it is also very interesting to hear. When Jack plays it, it is not only interesting to hear, it’s interesting to watch because he just seems to ham it up in the best way possible. At first, Jack Black is sitting beside Jimmy Fallon, and it is a fairly regular interview. Of course, it’s only as normal as what you would expect when Jack Black was involved. He tends to be one of the more unusual celebrities and it shows. When Jimmy Fallon hands him the toy saxophone, however, things get taken to an entirely new level. He struts across the stage, playing the toy as if it were a real’s saxophone and perhaps convincing everybody in the audience that it was so. Watch the moment for yourself and laugh along in the following video: