Jimmy Fallon And Will Smith Do A ‘TV Theme Songs’ Medley And Leave The Audience Laughing

When was the last time you watched a good talkshow on TV? I’m not necessarily talking about sitting and watching the host asking questions of a celebrity guest, I’m talking about being entertained by what you saw. If you spend any amount of time watching late-night TV and the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, you probably wouldn’t have to think very far back in order to remember being entertained. After all, he always has fun with his celebrity guests and it’s a treat to watch him performing with them in some type of strange and unusual skit. That includes the video that you see below, where he is with Will Smith. Although there are many celebrities that can make it onto these talkshows, there are always a few that are going to take things to the next level. We might think about celebrities such as Tom Hanks or Will Ferrell, but Will Smith certainly belongs in that group as well. Not only has he played in some of the more iconic roles over the years, he is also a very talented comedian, musician and a well-known celebrity with a life that sometimes keeps us entertained all of its own. When he appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show this time, however, they were looking back over some old TV tunes and they did a really good job of it. When you think about memories that we all carry around, many of them have to do with the television we watched as a child. It did more than entertain us, it filled our lives in a very unique way. Perhaps that is why we can remember many of the television show tunes from our youth. As Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith perform the songs together, it’s difficult not to remember many of them for yourself. They perform songs such as The Golden Girls, Different Strokes, I Dream of Jeannie, Three’s Company and of course, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Listen for yourself and you may just be feeling nostalgic in a very special way.