John Bon Jovi Finally Comes Clean About His Marriage

Many people have been following John Bon Jovi and his career for years. He is a rock ‘n’ roll legend, and some of the music that he played early in his career many years ago continues to be played on the radio and sung by youngsters, even down till this day. Perhaps you even had the opportunity to go to a Bon Jovi concert before, and it was likely a day that you will never forget. There is also something else about this man, however, and most people tend to overlook it. It’s the fact that he has been married for a very long time. Many celebrity marriages don’t make it very long, and we can really understand why. When you stop to think about it, they have often been subject to a lot of pressure because of their celebrity status and it can break the marriage very quickly. When it comes to Bon Jovi’s marriage, however, he has been able to stick it out with his wife. They were actually’s high school sweethearts and continued to grow their relationship, even after he became a famous singer. What is interesting is the fact that they stuck with their marriage, through thick and thin. Bon Jovi gave an interview with People magazine and referred to his wife as the glue but he is the crazy visionary. He said that she follows him and keeps everything together. He really is a fortunate individual that his wife was able to stick with him, even during his career, which likely included some strain. The two decided to get married in 1989 when they went to the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. They had been devoted to each other for many years, but now it had gone to an entirely new level. Perhaps it was because they had a love of music or they may just have had a love for each other. It really doesn’t matter why it works, the fact of the matter is, it works very well. We live in a time when marriages are not often cemented together very well but this couple seems to have the secret that makes their relationship last for a lifetime.