Judge Judy Sets Dog Loose In Courtroom So The True Owner Can Be Identified

Most people who have a dog in their life would stop at nothing to make sure that they were happy and healthy. After all, the dog is more than just another person who takes up space in the home, they are a complete member of the family. Some dogs are even more loved than the human members of the family and they give us levels of loyalty that humans are not often able to give. Maybe that is why Judge Judy decided that she would do something interesting in the courtroom and it ended up going viral.

A heartbroken man filed charges against the woman and they were standing in the courtroom with Judge Judy at the bench. He said that she took his dog and that the dog had been stolen. It was a small, fluffy white dog that had been purchased outside of a shopping center, supposedly for $50. According to the man, ‘Baby Boy’ was his and he even said it was like his child! The defendant, on the other hand, showed paperwork to Judge Judy in pictures that prove the dog was actually hers.

Judge Judy knew that something wasn’t right with this situation but the solution wasn’t coming in very quickly. She decided to do something that was a rather inspired maneuver, to say the least. She thought that the only way to determine if the dog belonged to one of those people or another was to actually bring him into the courtroom and put him on the floor. Whoever the dog would go to first would determine whose dog it was.

A hush fell over the courtroom as the dog was brought in. When the signal was given for the dog to be left loose, a heartwarming moment took place. You can see it in this video: