Just Ten Percent of Folks are Able to Locate All the Hidden Faces in This Famous Painting

Some of the most fun puzzles to solve are hidden image puzzles, which really make you look closely at every detail. Mexican painter, Octavio Ocampo, created a famous painting called “The General’s Family,” which is often mistaken for a painting created by legendary Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dali. The now 77-year-old Ocampo describes his work as being in a metamorphic style. The artist likes to hide figurative and realistic details inside large images while blending them together in ways hard for the human eye to see at first. Ocampo is not only well-known in his native Mexico, but he’s work is popular all over the world.

In fact, the Mexican government even once commissioned Ocampo to paint a portrait of former US President Jimmy Carter. Now, take a closer look at The General’s family and see if you can locate all the faces in the painting.

How did you do? Do you think you found them all? You can find out for sure on the next page.

Okay, let’s take a look at all the hidden faces to see if you’ve found them all.

Some of these faces were pretty easy. However, others were very cleverly hidden. I must have stared at the dog and the street for at least 20 minutes! Share this puzzle with your friends and family and see how many they can find.