Keith Urban Makes A 70s Rocker Weep When He Covers His Song

There are plenty of people who have the ability to write and perform their own music and they do so wonderfully. That doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t interested in performing music that was written and performed by others. Keith Urban is one of those individuals and you probably are familiar with at least some of his songs. Not all that long ago, however, he was on stage to perform somebody else’s song and he did so in a way that made that person cry. It was a Grammy salute to the Bee Gees, and the sone that he performed was ‘To Love Somebody.’ Perhaps you remember that song from the 70s, as it was one that played on the radio frequently. In fact, the Bee Gees were often heard on the radio. If you aren’t that familiar with the Bee Gees, they were more than an iconic band during the 1970s. They really shaped music in many ways and it is still heard in many of the newer songs that are being played these days. One of the most interesting things about this performance is the fact that Barry Gibb was in the audience. When he heard him performing the song, he couldn’t help but tilt his head back and cry tears. It was just overwhelming how beautiful the song was. The Bee Gees really deserved to have the spotlight on that particular day. You don’t have to be somebody who lived in the 1970s to realize exactly what that band brought to the table. In fact, you probably sing along with some of their songs on the radio even today. Check out the following video and you will see why it was such an amazing moment for everyone in attendance: