Kelly Clarkson Sings Her Heart Out On Idol And Brings Keith Urban To Tears

Kelly Clarkson is somebody that has earned a reputation in the music industry. You might even say that she is a household name at this point. She does more than attempt to sing difficult songs, she does so with grace and style and she does it from the heart. Entire audiences have been moved to tears with the sound of her voice. Perhaps that is why she won American Idol but she was back during a different season to sing this song. She wasn’t performing to win or lose, she was there to perform one of her own songs. She also was pregnant, so we can only imagine how many emotions were coming out of her at this point. The judges were in their position in front of her. They weren’t there to act as judges, however, they were just there as members of the audience. They also allowed their emotions to show when they saw what was taking place. All of the judges were moved by what she was singing but one judge had emotions that poured down his face. As you watch the video below, you can tell that it was more than the voice, it was the feeling that she put into the music. Keith Urban was so overcome during the performance that it touched his heart and real tears began flowing. The song that Clarkson sang was ‘Piece by Piece’. She Had Written the Song with Greg Kurstin. Now that Clarkson was back on the American Idol stage, the nostalgia added to the performance. The song was all about her personal experience, and the moment was beautiful. Clarkson herself was also overcome with emotion during the song. She had to stop at one point and apologize to the crowd. The crowd showed their support by chanting her name and she ended up performing in a way that amazed everybody in attendance. You can watch her performance in this video: