New study: Ketogenic diet may increase lifespan

Ketogenic diet may increase lifespan

Cell Metabolism, a journal, has shared findings by Researchers at Stanford University about “keto” diet longevity claiming that it may increase the life expectancy just like the fasting diet as it has great effects to handle stress by affecting the muscle stem cells in a good way.

Raw salmon on a cutting board.
Salmon is a keto diet staple.
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A neurology professor at Stanford called Dr. Thomas Rando said that people experience less and slower tissues’ complete healing as they grow up. So, after studying the reasons, they found that resilience in muscle stem cells is induced by fasting which causes the cells to be ready to repair muscle when you eat again as they survive throughout deprivation.


Ketosis, a unique state, is put by the keto diet, which focuses on low-carbohydrates, high-fat consumption. This state burns extra fat instead of carbohydrates.


Rondo said that ketone bodies protect stem cells throughout deprivation by pushing them into a quiet state, as well as when bodies use fat for energy, the bodies, that are on the keto diet, arise.


However, the keto diet has some odd side effects, but generally, it’s great to keep weight off and lose as it just depends on expensive foods, that contain avocado, salmon, and meat.



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