Kitten Born With Two Faces Grows Up To Be The Most Gorgeous Cat I’ve Ever Seen

We will sometimes call somebody ‘two-faced’ and it brings something very specific to mind. When you think about the individual who is branded in such a way, it doesn’t likely give you a good impression of them. What if I were to reveal a cat who was two-faced? If you picture in your mind the most adorable feline in the world, you would be close to the target. This little kitten, Narnia, is a very rare cat and she is exceptionally cute.

Narnia was born with a rare condition. She has fur on her face that is two-toned and she stood out from the rest of the litter. Her unique features make her as adorable as possible. Her breeder, Stephanie Jimenez also loved this little kitten from the moment that she saw her. That is why she decided not to let her go with the rest of the litter but she kept her as a forever pet.

Narnia lives in France but the pictures have gone viral because she is so beautiful. People know her from around the world.

She is growing up into an exceptionally beautiful cat. Her facial features have only gotten more beautiful as she’s aged.

Nobody is sure what happens to these animals but they are known as Chimeras.

It seems as if they might have two different types of DNA and are the product of two embryos fusing together.

You don’t see cats this beautiful every day

See more of this beautiful cat in the following video: