Lazy Dog Owner Tied His Dog To An Electric Wheelchair Claiming Taking Him On A Walk!

Having pets should make you more active, as you have to take them for a walk mostly every day. Actually, laziness is becoming a serious problem in the US, as the citizens start treating their animals negatively, just like this one who tied his dog to an electric wheelchair and pulled him for a walk!

The incident, that happened in Mission, Texas, shows the man pulling his dog behind the wheelchair as he is overweight and does not like walking. Melissa Torrez saw the entire incident and directly called the police. She even tried to stop the man but he gave her a cold shoulder and continued riding the wheelchair.

He also shouted that the dog is his animal and he could do what he wanted with it. The police came to the scene and arrested Mario Cardon, 59-year-old lazy man on charges of animal brutality. The cruel owner is awaiting trial ashis bail was fixed at $10,000. Animal Control’s organization took the dog into their care, and after examining his situation, he found out that he is generally healthy. No one knows what his future will be but we hope that he will find a better owner than his former one.

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