LG Dualup Monitor Productivity Aspect Ratio Price Release Date

LG Dualup Monitor Productivity Aspect Ratio Price Release Date

You can now get an LG DualUp monitor for $699! There is no doubt that many people may find it expensive, but the truth is being among the boldest product announcements in 2022 makes this price less than expected.


What most makers of displays have already tried is to double the monitor’s width, but instead of that, the LG makers stack 2 21.5” QHD monitors, to make the new LG DualUp, on top of each other, which totals 27.6” measured diametrically (2880 x 2560), and the aspect ratio is 16:18. Many people may find the design no good, but the productivity sickos and content creators will find it great.


The new monitor covers 98% of the DCI-P3 colour range, supports HDR, and has LG’s Nano IPS panel. It has a headphone jack, and many ports including 90W PD charging, a USB-C, many USB-A 3.0, a DisplayPort, and 2 HDMI.


The features of the new monitor are so many, but we can tell you some other of them like having the ability to display 2 sources at the same time, and supporting HDR10 content with 2 7W speakers. However, you can clamp the monitor onto most tables and desks as it has LG’s Ergo stand, which also gives you a range of movement that includes swiveling, tilting, pivoting, and height adjustments.


You can find the whole specs of the DualUp here:

LG DualUp specs


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