Little Boy Has Most Adorable Reaction When Dad Gives Him First Experience Of Being In The Rain

Most of us can not remember many of our very “first” experiences, such as the first time we tasted chocolate, or the first time we saw a puppy. For most of us, these memories are buried away, wherever all our earliest memories reside. Perhaps this is why we enjoy watching children experience things for the first time? Maybe watching their adorable reactions connects us in some small way to that feeling we had so long ago? Seeing our children experience the beauty of this world is one of the best feelings one could imagine. The joy and wonder in their eyes make us feel privileged to share in their special moment. And when it comes to nature-related experiences, most of us think of things like the first time a child sees the ocean or experiences snow. However, we tend to overlook the more common experiences that we hardly notice, such as feeling sunshine, our skin, or even raindrops. These first experiences are just as enjoyable for children living them for the first time as the “big stuff.” In this video, a father is showing his toddler a summer rain shower. The little boy’s face lights up with wonder as he watches the downpour. That’s when the dad decides to take him on a bit of a run through the rain, much to the child’s absolute delight! This just goes to show that we don’t need to plan big expensive trips to impress our kids; we just need to share in those precious little moments that make all the difference. You can watch this baby enjoying his first rain in the video below.